Infographic: What It’s Like to be Trapped in a Mine

The Chilean miners’ key to survival, visualized.

The visualization below doesn’t need much explanation. It’s a wonderfully simple illustration of how the 33 miners trapped in a Chilean copper-gold mine have managed to survive over the past couple months: by living off deliveries in packages about the size of a Campbell’s soup can.

Everything they’ve consumed, from protein shakes and vitamins to Bibles and music on an iPod, has been winched down a borehole in 3.19-inch canisters called “palomas.” Newsweek has the full deets:

It’s a touching way to repackage a story that could easily get lost in the news cycle. Readers are quick to tire of disaster narratives (the media pundits like to call it “compassion fatigue.”) Sometimes, though, it’s just a matter of presenting the information in a compelling new way, as Newsweek did here.

[Via Newsweek]

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