Featured Artist of the Month: Pretty Little Thieves

Our very first featured artist is a special case. We met in the new age way, through the virtual medium of the internet. A couple months ago I opened up an store front on Esty.com featuring a collection of 20 classic children’s story posters. After Nancy Showed such enthusiastic interest in my work, I was compelled to take a look at hers, and was completely blown away. I knew she deserved more than just my two cent compliments, so I created a special place where she can have a showcase that is worthy of her art. Our interactions spawned the idea to have a monthly featured artist on this site. It just goes to show that when you get involved great things can happen. Show interest in others and they will show interest in you. I am honored to kick off our first featured artist with the work of Nancy Mungcal and her Pretty Little Thieves. Enjoy!

About Nacy
Nancy Mungcal creates work through drawing, painting and manipulating paper. Her work is filled with recurring themes of duality, friendship, sadness, loss, and heartache. These themes are expressed through intricate line work, selective use of color, found paper, random and repetitive patterns as well as the emotions conveyed on the girls often found in her work. She finds inspiration in the usual suspects of nature, art, music, travel, and the people around her. Her art has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Canada, and Spain.

When Nancy isn’t working, she wanders thrift stores, flea markets, the woods, music and book stores. She also would like to travel more, take better pictures, and learn to play the guitar.

Visit the Pretty Little Thieves website now!

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