Branding By: Luciano Balzano

A Graphic Designer and Art Director from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In honor of my upcoming trip to Vegas to get my partypoker on, I thought it was fitting to showcase some casino branding, and from the collateral I’ve perused through, no one does it better than Luciano Balzano.

Unlike most Casino brands that use a lot of glitz and glamor via 3D software and Photoshop effects, Balzano manages make it pop using smart design choices and the minimalist method. Notice the high contrasts; white on rich black with a subtle accent shade for variety; the combination of a compress san-serif with a modest slab. And don’t forget the use of striking angles and gentle curves. My personal favorite is the choice of the diamond shape, which to me gives it the dazzle, and sparkly nature that is expected of a casino facade. All these things come together to create a familiar identity in a very unexpected way. True minimalists know how to give just enough information to initiate your imagination and allow your mind to create an illusion that is relative to everyone, but specifically subjective to you. Let’s give a round of applause to Luciano. This was quite a treat to stumble upon.

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  1. andres

    Great design! so minimal.. so good expression

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