Architecture By: Duangrit Bunnag

Duangrit Bunnag is an Architect/ Design Director/ Managing Director of an architectural design firm, DUANGRIT BUNNAG ARCHITECT LIMITED (DBALP) in Bangkok, Thailand. His portfolio is, thus, reflected the profile of the company, which embraced architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and master planning projects.

Project: Residence EV06/ Phuket
EV06 is a private residence in Phuket, Thailand and designed to be the first home for the couple who moved from Hong Kong. The land plot is a gradual slope cliff overlook the east side of the Andaman Ocean. The house was meant to be a private poetry with four bedrooms that accommodate all four member of the family with three dogs. The architecture was meant to be disappearing from the frontal road and cascading with the slope and expose the house towards the ocean skyline. Modern vocabulary with simple geometry.

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  1. Wow. Truly stunning. I’d never heard of Bunnag, and will definitely be looking him up!

  2. Turner Bain

    Truly elegant. A masterpiece.

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