Animation: Gluko and Lennon

This is some of the most vibrant, fluid, beautiful, 2D animation that I’ve ever seen. Created by L’Orange Gutan.

Gluko & Lennon ENG from Gluko & Lennon on Vimeo.

Glüko & Lennon is about the psychedelic adventures of two best friends.

Glüko is like your imaginary friend becoming real. He’s a powerful, shape-shifting giant. However, like your real best friend, he’s shy and lazy.

Lennon is like you, an ordinary kid who has extraordinary adventures, always seeking for new experiences, only he’s purple.

Together, they explore this surreal world they live in and along the way they’ll make friends with all kinds of unique creatures. They always end up finding absolutely ridiculous solutions to the most nonsensical problems.

Enough chit-chat, take eleven minutes of your time and join our friends in this unrealeased Episode 00, called: “VOLARE”.

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