Infographic: All Work No Dad

I recently Pulled some heavy hours this past week at work. So much in fact that I barely got see my family. This is a graphic depiction of my last week of work. The drawbacks of being a working father. You do what you gotta do.

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  1. I Just realized that Tuesday’s chart is off. It’s suppose to read 8hrs work, and the colors for husband time and sleep should be flipped. Sorry guys. I’ll fix it tomorrow.

  2. Chris Kupczak

    I love this kind of work. Taking your life and putting it into a graphic context is a great idea. And a pretty good spiritual barometer. Nice job.

  3. The Graph Has been fixed.

    > Chris
    Thanks man. A spiritual barometer is right on the money. Even though the week was rough, it made me feel a little better to make this. As if I was admitting it to myself, kinda’ like therapy. I’ve also learned that the infographic is one of todays most effective forms of communication, as far as making information, understandable, digestible, and efficiently consumable since we visualize faster than we can read. Not to mention it just more fun and attractive than reading a big block of text that says the same thing. Glad you like it. Thanks for commenting. I hope to have more soon.

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